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Sunday, June 14, 2015

It's potty time

It was a great idea, and one that should have been further developed. Nobody has really gone to the trouble of rating Interstate Rest Areas. These expensive, vital links to interstate travel and commerce are unreported, and frankly vary widely in quality, and amenities. It seemed time that someone begin the toil, and labor that would be involved in such a worthwhile endeavor.  I never planned on reviewing them all, just get the ball rolling.  And, then anyone who travels anywhere could submit a review of the rest areas they used.  Sort of a Yelp or Trip Adviser, for bathroom breaks.

But, as with so many revolutionary ideas this one died on the vine when my wife and son refused to stop unless someone needed to stop.  And then it was kind of rushed without time to fully evaluate the offerings.  So, we only have a small sampling, and there is no real organization. Honestly organization is not really a strength, though, so it probably is not all her fault.

So, here goes.  There is a rest area just east of Rapid City, sitting right on a river, though I don't really know which river, that is very nice, and clean.  The attendant was pleasant and polite, but the vending area was a little skimpy.  And the river was in danger of flooding out the entire area, but I don't suppose you can blame the rest area for that.  If you are traveling on Interstate 90, and happen to be slightly east of Rapid City, west of Wall, stop in (unless it is flooded) with confidence.

West of Kearney, outside vending machines.
What are we, animals?
Nebraska, along Interstate 80, had a variety of quality in the rest stop offering.  If you can wait, I would.  Don't stop anywhere west of Grand Island.  The areas in the eastern third are much newer, with vending areas that are inside, which is much nicer when deciding between cookies and a candy bar, or chips and crackers.

Iowa seems to be upgrading, so you are kind of safe anywhere, but only on Interstate 80, don't use the old ones on I29.

Illinois, the Rest Stop State

Illinois is a safe place to use any facility.  They have trails, and attractions, like a Metro Park, with elaborate vending areas, right inside the sumptuous main buildings.  Indiana and Ohio, well just don't bother.  Just wait until the next state.

Here is the first installment of the Rest Areas of America.  We will continue this during our next trip, we are dedicated Interstate travelers.  If you would like to submit a review, just send it along.