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Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Good News, We Have A New Associate.

Meet Bob, our new accounting apprentice. And the eye candy gracing our new logo.  Bob, you can call him Bob, Bo, Bobby, Robert, or Robby, he is very relaxed, is from Rock Island IL. Which is part of the Quad Cities, grouped along the Mississippi River in the Southeast corner of Iowa where it borders Illinois.  Bob, never really knew if he should tell people he was from Iowa or Illinois so he just said he was from Colorado.
Meet Bob.

He graduated with honors and a degree, and hopes and dreams, and aspirations of changing things. Bob longed for the opportunity to make a difference. But, he ended up working for us, instead.

Welcome aboard, Bob, could you run out and get some coffees, and donuts, and some of those everything bagels. There's a good fellow.

Bob is going to fit in real well.

Now, onto the news of the day. The New Horizons deep space probe is passing Pluto and sending back photos, and information, and people are very excited. Of course, people seem to have forgotten that in 2006 the International Astronomical Union decided that Pluto was not a planet at all. They, if memory (and by memory I mean the internet) serves correctly reduced Pluto's status to Dwarf Planet.

It seems that Pluto dropped in from the Kuiper Belt and fell into orbit with eight real planets and kind of put on airs. But, it was obviously not willing to fit in, it always had to be kind of a showoff. It did not settle for a more or less flat circular orbit, like the real planets, it had to zip around with an inclination of almost 17 degrees. what a showoff.  No real planet would be caught dead acting like that.

Plus, it was small, covered in ice, and just not really made of planetary stuff. Now, though, all of these "scientists" are running around trying to snap selfies looking at streamed data from the New Horizon's orbit of Pluto. We, here at Life Explained, are not going to get caught up in all that sensationalism, and pseudo science.

It has nothing to do with the fact that NASA will not let us look, either. Probably still mad about that horrendous butt kicking we gave them in The Scientist Slow Pitch Softball Tourney. Sore losers, anyway.

There are other celestial bodies in the sky, you know.