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Monday, July 20, 2015

It was a new day yesterday

It was a point of contention yesterday.  There were many employees involved and it really got heated. At one point we had to mobilize our crack security squad. Sure it started easily enough, the Sunday crossword puzzle was laying on the table. There were three words completed.

Not just any words, either, the long words with the complex, riddle like clues. And not just completed, either, completed in pen. And not just completed in pen, completed in pen incorrectly.

So, the Sunday crossword, with the three long answers filled in in ink, and the words are wrong. And not just wrong, but dramatically, woefully, obviously wrong. These answers were not even close. It did not take long for that to get out of control.

The Sunday crossword puzzle is important to our team of scientists, researchers, and engineers. It is the one time they all work together, the one thing they really get excited about. And now they felt it had been defaced. Their weekend respite had been vandalized.

It was a long, nasty fight. One of the engineers actually pulled a laser gun and pointed it at one of the researchers. Or he thought he was pointing it at one of the researchers, but he really did not understand the weapon, at all.  It was actually pointed at water cooler, and it wasn't really a laser gun, it was matter diffuser, and rearrangement tool (we have big hopes for that, but it needs work).  So, until we can get a new cooler we will be getting our water from a gas powered microwave with an attachment for edging.
Mad Bob, the new guy

But, security arrived, with two dozen donuts, and a fresh Sunday paper, and normalcy was returned to our Sunday. Plus, they have some proof pointing to Mad Bob, the new guy in R and D as the culprit, it seems Dr. Dawg may have taken his lasagna, and eaten it. Hey, those things happen, right? We are all friends again.

Well, everything is back to normal. Monday is here, and we love Monday, a fresh start, a new beginning, a wonderful, new adventure.

I hope there are some donuts left. Man those things were great. Security knows the best snack food places in town.