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Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Life Explained, the musical

We, here at life explained, are so excited about the search for a new logo. This has really sparked enthusiasm around here. We decided to make a movie.  Not just a movie, mind you, a musical.  Our first attempt did not go so well, but that leaves plenty of room for improvement, right?

Please check out the new logo, and the brief clip of "Tidal Wave" by  Dick Dale, (King of the Surf Guitar).  But, don't worry about the guy running across the screen, he was just a "grip" whatever that is, we have a lot of them.  Oh, and don't worry about the giant spider, we think we have him trapped at the corner of 4th and Grant.  But, nobody wants to go inside the Clyson Deli and look.  We will probably just wait outside until the owners show up for the breakfast shift tomorrow morning.

Don't forget to check out the potential new logo, as soon as we can figure out how there will be a poll to decide which one is best, or least bad, anyway.

Tune in tomorrow, when we discuss the best way to burn down a building with a giant, venomous spider inside.