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Thursday, July 9, 2015

Thursday, and there is so much to do.

Since it is Thursday it is time to start planning our weekend expedition.  Careful planning insures a successful fishing trip. People don't plan to fail, they fail to plan, after all. Starting with the all knowing, all seeing, all powerful fisherman's friend, the internet, it was a simple matter to find that the lake that seemed so barren so desolate, so lifeless last week actually has fish. It seems that fish are routinely taken out of the muddy, smelly water. Huh, go figure. But, according to the modern Oracle of Delphi, the world wide web, there is a great fishing spot less than a mile north of our last location.  Great.

Step 1, find a new spot, check.

Fishing is like riding a bicycle, you don't forget how, but it takes a while to get comfortable enough to ride in traffic. Fishing is like that, without the likelihood of being run over, or coasting into a tree. Thrill seekers, don't despair. If you are a little careless there is always the possibility of falling into the lake. Since it is fairly shallow by the shore drowning is probably not a concern, and since it is hundreds of miles from the ocean there are probably no sharks, but it is filthy lake water, teeming with bacteria, and industrial contaminants so there is enough risk to keep a daredevil happy.

Step 2, add some intrigue. check.

It is the wilderness, so wildlife is present. Bears, wolves, wild boars, monstrous constricting snakes, huge venomous spiders, none of those are present here in the environs of our medium sized city in the midwest. But, mosquitoes are awful things, and there are going to be some of them. Bees are always a possibility, so it is best to lather yourself up with some reeking, repulsive goo that even insects can't stand. We have some.  There are skunks, raccoons, and non venomous but still sneaky, and startling snakes and plenty of spiders. No matter how harmless a snake is finding one blocking your path to the car is always a nasty surprise. It is best to have a backup route to the car. Fortunately, it is not far, and there are several routes from the shore to the car.

Step 3, find convenient escape route, and check supply of insect repellent, check.

No fishing trip is complete without a supply of snacks.  A sad fact that dawned on me during our first fishing trip, which was last weekend. We had no snacks. Oh, sure we packed in some water, and a few cans of Dr. Pepper*

Step 4. Make a list of all the important list of important stuff for fishing. check.

Fishing is easy if you have a plan, and stick to the steps.

By the way, check out the new logo, it has a spider, and a scared person running in terror, which kind of explains life. If you love it, you should tell +S. Bradley Stoner , he suggested using a spider.  If you are not so crazy about it, don't worry, there are more logos coming down the pipe, or sluice or whatever the appropriate symbol for creative process would be.

Oh, and here is a still from the new movie "Revenge of the Life Explained Jedis Strike Back."**  Coming to a theater near you soon. Unless you are one of them there art snob types, in which case it will be coming to theatre near you soon.

*This is not an endorsement, I am not a paid spokesperson (but I am for sale, if you are interested Dr. Pepper, do you mind if I just call you Doc?) it is just difficult to know whether to use "pop" or "soda." "Soft drinks" just doesn't carry enough weight for a such a masculine, primal thing as a fishing trip into the wild.

** Actually, this is a selfie made with the new "Star Wars" app, Available on the iTunes App Store, and Google Play.  I will have a full review if I ever take the time to do anything except take some goofy looking pictures.  Really, though, isn't that enough.