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Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Music, Government, and Everything in Between.

It is approaching 90 degrees today. It may have reached 90, who knows. When it gets that hot does a few degrees really matter. Not much, probably. When it gets this warm I have to listen to "Bullroarer" by Midnight Oil, just for the opening;

"In the desert in the dry,
Before the breaking of the rain,
The temperature in the shade
Had reached a 110 again."

Then I listen to the whole thing because it is a rocking number, and a little angry. Musicians who are angry seem to make better music.  And Peter Garrett was pretty mad about a lot of things, mostly things that were uniquely Australian, the treatment of indigenous people, and the stewardship of the land. I guess those problems are not so unique to Australia, after all.

In fact he was so mad he ran for office, and people were so incensed they elected him. And now we don't have a tall, angry man singing songs about injustice, no more Midnight Oil, but we do have another Member of Parliament. Mores the pity. I have several Midnight Oil albums, and enjoy them enthusiastically.

Recently, Mr. Garrett resigned his post, and announced he would not seek reelection. There has been some strife in the Australian government, and it has not set well. So he will have some free time, soon.

Speaking of Midnight Oil, they started as a band in 1973. Wow, that was a long time ago. About the same time a Canadian band named the Guess Who broke up, according to a fan page it was actually 1975.

On my Phone is a copy of "The Best Of The Guess Who." It was on sale, and they were pretty cool, so I snagged it. They had quite a few hits, and I am nothing if not nostalgic about the music of that era.

Recently a coworker told me he was going to visit his Mother, and take in the county fair. He said it was a small fair, in a sparsely populated county. But, they "get some big name acts, this year it is the Guess Who." Who knows, maybe next year they will get Midnight Oil.