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Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Three Day Weekend, Four Day Workweek, Is This Heaven?

Today is Wednesday, always a good day. Halfway through the week, downhill and cruising. But, this Wednesday has almost enormous implications. We, here at Life Explained, have a 3 day weekend, that begins on Friday, so it is only a four day work week, and a three day weekend. We can barely control ourselves.

Saturday is the 4th of July, when America celebrates Independence from those tyrannical British*, and all of their delicious beer, and fish and chips, which are really just french fries. Britain and France have had a long history of conflict and refuse to give each other any credit, for anything. So, no french fries in England, no english muffins in France, it is kind of sad, really. They are separated only by the English Channel (the French Channel in France).** This is not really important, though, well it is important, don't take that the wrong way, we want our European friends to have good relations, we want everybody to get along, is that asking too much?!?!?

Anyway, we are gearing up to celebrate our independence. And, we are going to spend three days doing it. Which makes us feel very independent, indeed.

Here is the problem, so many people here, at Life Explained, are so excited about the coming three day weekend, that nothing is getting done. People have become "liberated" from their responsibilities.  Right now, several people are standing around the espresso machine comparing baked beans and coleslaw recipes. Technically, that is not part of their jobs, probably, the new self written job descriptions have were an awful idea. We may have to look carefully at eliminating those.

And the emails are starting to flourish and grow already, "I will be working from home today," "I am working off site today and tomorrow," or one of our favorites "I am here at work, if you don't see me, I am probably using the restroom, or down in the lab, or maybe getting a cup of that delicious, work coffee, but trust me I am there here, I mean."

Obviously, we take Independence Day very seriously. Of course we take Memorial Day, and Labor Day, and any three day weekend pretty seriously. We work hard, we play hard, and sometimes, like the days leading up to three day weekend we mix the two pretty vigorously.

Above is round two of the new logo search, please say nice things, lie if you have must.

* Just kidding, we like British people, we have a lot of British rock and roll on our iPhone.

**I just made that up, they get along fairly well, as far as I know.  Hey, I like you both.