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Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Insanity, it is commonplace.

Life is getting stranger almost daily. It is all a sane young man can do to maintain stability in the midst of all the madness. And madness it is, there is no doubt. Look around, read the newspaper, watch the news, have a conversation, but don't pay too much attention, or you will go insane.

"Bill Murray will appear in upcoming all female Ghostbusters reboot." Something seems a little off with that headline.  Maybe Bill Murray is trying to win a spot on Sport Center.

Tom Cruise is thinking of leaving the Church of Scientology but is concerned they will release embarrassing information. He has turned to Lisa Marie Presley, Daughter of the king of rock and roll, and ex wife of the king of pop, for help. She claims to have secret, possibly incriminating evidence concerning the church. Long live the daughter, and ex wife of the king.*

Recently, through a very elaborate, extensive and probably expensive experiment French and Spanish scientists nurtured to life a bucardo, or Pyrenean ibex. At one time thousands of these animals (resembling mountain goats) lived in the Pyrenees, the mountain range that divides France and Spain. Until they were hunted into extinction.

Unfortunately, the kid did not survive, it was born with a birth defect in the lung, and could not breath. Bringing back an extinct species,whether it is right or wrong, has happened. They will continue to improve the process until it works. De-extinction is the term they use. However, as one looks through the annals of history, mankind becomes much more intelligent, and technically able, but not really any smarter. With that in mind I am thinking of copy-writing the phrase re-extinction. I see an wealthy retirement.

In a field crowded with presidential hopefuls the man who is getting the most attention is advocating the construction of a wall to block foreign invaders. Not occupying armies, but foreigners invading in small groups, or individually. People are unabashedly enthusiastic about the idea. But, this has been attempted before, and history has shown that the Great Wall of China was not completely successful as a defensive structure, and it certainly was no match for a determined group who were not bound to horses. But, hope springs eternal, and there are many potential benefits as a tourist attraction, and the jobs created for construction and upkeep will be a boon. Let's hope they don't all go to immigrants.

Insanity is epidemic, and keeping a brave, smiling face it getting increasingly difficult. But, we have to, the world depends on us, bloggers, instagrammers, facebookers, tweeeters, linkedin, pinterest. It is a terrible burden, but we are the willing. Thanks, now get back to work.

*I need to thank +Jeremy Crow, leader of the Whacko Nation, and amazing storehouse of knowledge. I had made the horrendous mistake of confusing Lisa Marie and Priscilla, Sorry Elvis, I hope you can forgive me.