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Saturday, August 15, 2015

Curse the luck, they saved the day, but ruined my Monday morning.

Today we are going to find a solution. First, of course, we need to define the problem. This is liable to require some careful analysis. Which will only come through thoughtful, cautious, deliberate contemplation of the current situation. And it is early, and the day is sunny, and bright, and wonderful, and the coffee is delicious, and we decided that sounded too difficult.

So, we are going to tell you about what happened yesterday. It was getting late in the afternoon, not quite time to leave, but not really enough time to start anything new, either. Sometimes that happens as early as Thursday, ("well, the weekend is coming, in 37 hours, I can't really answer my emails.") so I walked around a little bit.

It isn't this building, but it is similar,
 since it is "top secret" we will pretend.
We are located downtown in an old, tall, thin, but very long building, made of mostly red bricks, however it was built in several stages so the masonry work changes from front to back, three times. In a way, it seems kind of foolish, somebody built a four story building, and then added another four story building to the front of it, and then did it again. But, it does make for an interesting affect. Not that this has much to do with my story.

Anyway, we are not far from the convention center (which was designed and built to look like it was constructed at different times, from different materials, which makes for an odd appearance, but that is not important, sorry). Anyway, working that close to the convention center can provide some odd sights depending on who is using the facility.

So last night when I was cruising around avoiding responsibility, I looked out the window and saw a guy dressed up as Thor, the god of thunder. Kind of, he had a long red cape, and a Thor like hammer (Mjolnir, is the proper name) on his belt. At first I thought it wasn't Thor, because he was very thin, and wore jean shorts and a tank top.

But, I went to tell my co-worker, Bil, about it, and he said he saw Deadpool riding a skateboard when he went to lunch. He thought it was not really Deadpool because he only had the mask, not the whole uniform, if that is the proper term for the clothing of a cartoon hero, or villain, I'm not sure in which category Deadpool falls.

But, this did not strike either of us as all that strange, being so close to the convention center, with the weekend coming.

But, as I was driving home the Department of Transportation had shut down the freeway going into downtown. Which is odd, right before rush hour, and the weekend. And then I thought, what if that was Deadpool (who may be a bad guy) and Thor (who is a good guy) and they had one of the epic, building destroying, street closing, mess making, commute ruining battles, portrayed so well on the magic box. What then. It will take me forever to get to work Monday, dammit. I am afraid to turn on the TV.

Let me know if you have heard anything.