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Thursday, August 20, 2015

This Week in Review

Today is Thursday, and that means the weekend is within sight, if you are standing, and looking in the right direction. We should all say a silent thank you. But, those who do not learn from history are doomed to repeat it. And they are not talking about the good bits, you never get to repeat those.

So, we are going to look back on the week and see if there are lessons left, buried in the dust created by working.

The week started with Monday, and somebody called in sick, and somebody else was on vacation. Note to self, make rule about scheduling illnesses around the vacation of others. How rude, vacation, sickness, and now I am stuck doing things normally assigned to others. When will I have time for coffee

Tuesday, day two of the vacation, illness, missing work triangle. Things are looking bleak. Barely enough time to breath, hold on to the life vest, or you will sink like a stone. Remember to schedule a meeting for next week discussing the ultimate worthlessness of coworkers, if you live that long.

We might be safe here.
Wednesday, one person still on vacation, one person still sick, and one more person heads to paradise for a few days. Department laid bare, the facade of humanity is ripped away, and we are exposed for the savages we are. Beginning to turn on each other. Need to find convenient, effective, defendable location. While coworkers are trying to out flank each other, each attempting to gain the upper hand, I steal their snack foods, and drinking water. If I have a chance I will stab one in the back, and steal their shoes.

Don't know whether to run, or hide, try to find a way to do both.

Send a text message to wife, "if you don't see me again, we were great together, and I forgive you for making me act like an adult so often, I know you are sorry for all of your mistakes." Best to just ignore the response. She is probably just lashing out, buried under overwhelming sadness

Thursday, hey, is that the weekend I sense, There is a pleasant change in the wind, and a freshness. I think there is a smell of coffee and donuts in the air.

No, I don't think we can learn much, besides no point living in the past. It is already gone. Hey, everybody, it is almost party time. Man, I work with the best bunch of guys.F