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Friday, August 21, 2015

Party Night. Karaoke Contest.

We, here at Life Explained, have been very busy, it is our holiday rush. The Joint Chiefs, and all of the generals, and admirals, and advisers are always in a rush to get their little weapon systems, and improved ordinances, in time for Christmas morning. Nothing says Merry Christmas like an autonomous air to surface missile with surgical accuracy and 98% kill classification. Imagine the joy.

Since it is Friday, we decided to let our hair down a little bit, which is funny because so many of us are so bald we look as if we have been exposed to dangerous levels of radiation... Hey, one of you guys run down and check the shielding on the reactor, please.

Anyhoo, we are going to really cut loose tonight. We are ordering pizza, soda pop, candy bars and a karaoke machine!

We are going to have a big competition to see who is the best singer. No voice enhancement allowed. And certainly no mind control machines. We learned our lesson last Saint Patrick's Day, when Bob, from R and D wanted to win the best costume, and used an ad-hoc thought control device and everybody went shrieking from the kitchen. No one is sure whether they thought they saw snakes, or were snakes. It was an ugly day in the history of the company.

On the plus side we sold the device to a third world despot for a small fortune. He didn't realize it was not directional, and he ran all the way to the War Crimes Court in the Hague, and we collected a big fat reward. Since we fired Bob for scaring the be-jesus out of his coworkers he didn't even get a cut. But, he did win best costume, a gift card to the company commissary. Of course, since he was canned he never got the chance to use it.

Now, rumor has it that Bob has hired legal council to reclaim his lost $25.00 gift card. Bob was always kind of a jerk.

That is the past, and we don't like to dwell on the past (you hear that, Bob, you bastard?). Tonight is a celebration, bring your golden voices and your dancing boots, we are throwing down tonight.