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Friday, September 11, 2015

NFL the season begins.

Last night the NFL season officially began, here are the highlights. Two teams filled with huge, fast, fit men making gigantic piles of money lined up in opposing lines and ran as hard and as fast as they could until they slammed into each other.

One team scored more points and won the game. But, I am not sure how many points they scored, I am pretty certain the Patriots won, though, because according to reports they are unrepentant cheaters. Scofflaws, ne'er do wells, that disregard rules, regulations, and common decency. Which makes winning a lot easier.

Here is the problem, there are people lining up to offer damning evidence that the Patriots are cheating. Somebody is obviously not very patriotic. At this point it is difficult to tell whether it is the Patriots who, by the act of cheating so blatantly that even the NFL has noticed, are defiling the decent name of patriotism, or the accusers who, tired of losing, and watching the New England team bask in the glory of victory are unfairly accusing a group of Patriots, who are guilty of nothing more than excellence.

And either way I am furious. Those bastards! I just don't know where to vent my outrage right yet.

But, if the Patriots are guilty I would like to offer them the opportunity to run my fantasy team, with their alleged ability to game the system, and my indifference to fantasy sports we could go a long way. What do you say, Bill?