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Wednesday, September 9, 2015

The Countdown.

The countdown in on, only... 8 or 9 more days, maybe 10, I am not much for math, and my calendar is around on the end of my desk and facing the wrong direction. But, it is not long now. The big showdown between the hapless +Mike Raven* at the Blog of Thog regarding the respective governments of our respective nations. Complete with video.

For those of you asking, "hey whats in it for me?" and here I am not going to name any names, but
there are people who have expressed an interest in being swayed, financially, or at least prestigiously, I have discussed possible compensatory rewards with the corporations who own the US government. Lets just say there are several openings in the near future, vis-a-vis speaker of the house, majority whip, even the oval office for those willing to see the "red, white and blue light."

Oh, and don't forget to write a post detailing your opinion, and add a video, maybe tweet. It is your chance to have your say.

Oh, and here is a little sample clip, so Mike can see what kind of carnage he is facing.

*He is not really hapless at all, in fact I would venture to say he has plenty of haps, a whole boatload of haps, he maybe the most happening guy I have never met. Though someday we are going to meet and I will buy him a beer, or a coffee based drink, he seems to like those.