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Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Oh, how I hate Tuesday.

Thank God this day is almost over. It has been hellish, agonizing, unendurable torture.

First the coffee maker didn't start. No fresh brewed aroma wafting through the house, welcoming the dawn. No, LED illumination lighting the way to a good morning. No, the button had to be pushed, by hand, in the dark!

Then it was cloudy, drizzly, crappy, the kind of weather that is so bad that it only get worse. Not enough rain to run the windshield wipers, but enough to make it difficult to see. Just enough for the wiper to smear into an awful mess. With a terrible screech assaulting the ears. No amount of the Grateful Dead can cover that sound, not even He's Gone from the Europe 72 Live, which will fix almost any problem imaginable.

Next my blue tooth headphones were dead. I forgot to charge the battery! Now I am tethered to my phone, like a dog on a leash. Every time I move the collar tightens choking the life from my pathetic, wasted day.

And to add a little insult to the injury laying in ambush, to scrape away the last bit of hope, they installed a new traffic sign over by the donut shop! They are taking this health consciousness a little too seriously.

But, hey tomorrow is Wednesday, and that is whole new game!