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Tuesday, September 29, 2015

A nice day, somewhere.

Fall has arrived, and we are facing the prospect of winter. But, we can never stop dreaming about the perfect day. It is our curse, here at Life Explained, OH Office (LEHO). Of course at our Northeast Office (LENO) they have a different vision of the perfect day, any day from September to May that you don't have to shovel snow (for more than an 45 minutes) is pretty nice.

To create the perfect day we enlisted the help of our the Life Explained TerraForming Division. Space Agencies around the world are furious, they are working on a system to make distant planets hospitable, even delightful, why bother flying all the way to Mars if it isn't wonderful, after all.

Bob, the Lead Scientist, thought he had a perfect day dialed up. Sunny, warm and dry, with a light north breeze to keep things cool, and drive down the humidity that has been hovering over the area lately.

We were thrilled, we bought shorts and t-shirts, charcoal grills, steaks, brats, burgers, and Mahi-Mahi, frisbees and flip flops to work. Everybody was ready for one last summer day, we had a pitcher of Sangria and a cooler filled with bottled water, beer and soft drinks.

When dawn came over the area rain clouds stormed in from the south, and opened the valve, releasing a light, almost pleasant drizzle over the whole area, and our doppler radar showed a parade of clouds passing over the entire area for the whole day.

Everybody was furious. Even though the rain was pleasant and cool, it ruined the sand volleyball tournament we had planned. Some associates actually dug up some pitchforks and torches (a complete shock) and were headed towards Bob's office. Things were looking bleak.

But, this picture came through email to the whole company, and things started to make sense. We were so close. Maybe next time, Bob.