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Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Busy day, no time to talk, have to run

This is a very busy day here at Life Explained. For one thing, we had a visitor yesterday, and that always causes a log jam, a bottle neck, an unholy waterfall of unfulfilled responsibilities. Everybody spends the day trying to get in on meetings, and bagels, and pastries, nothing gets done. And there is hell to pay.

"We are going on break, be back in ten."
It was a person from our Brooklyn office, I am not sure what they do there. But, I am not sure what we do here most of the time, and I have been here forever. I was born here, I went to school here, right in this building, I met my wife here, not really, but I have been here a long time. So to recap, I am not sure what they do in the Brooklyn office, or in our top secret facility here in beautiful downtown @#@**!&*#. So, it only stands to reason that I don't know what our visitor from Brooklyn was doing here. Maybe he just stopped by for a bagel or two.

It is widely known that our building is haunted, at least I know it, and tell everybody who will listen.
("Hey, this building is haunted.") We have mannequins, several, who knows why, and they move. You can't see them move, or anything, they are smarter than that. One day they will be in the front of the basement, toward the sidewalk, the next they will be in the back, by the alley. Fortunately they have not figured out how to overwrite the security system on the elevator, or  who knows where they would end up. So, maybe he came by to grab some of the undead wandering around the place, a little halloween shopping.

Whatever the reason, it has made Wednesday, normally a pretty decent day around here, a little tense.

If that were not bad enough we have two new hires. All of the training and paperwork. They are in our new Corporate Lackey Department. We are trying to get a big name, deep pocket sponsor for the Life Explained series of blogs. And since they are not exactly beating a path to our door to dump money on our desks we thought we would take the proactive approach of advertising for several companies until one of them paid us to continue, or paid us to stop, it doesn't really matter. So meet Bob, and Bob, from the Life Explained Advertising Program.

Please, sponsor our blogs, Bob, or Bob might have children, we aren't too sure, they are new, after all.