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Thursday, October 8, 2015

Winning, it's for winners, like us

As well as the $25.00 Amazon Gift Card we, here at the Life Explained Subdivision of the Whacko Blogs are going to be taking home soon there is also the small matter of the Twenty Million Google Dollars that will soon be treating us to donuts and exotic, dark roasted, delicious coffee. All we have to do is fly to the moon, drive 500 meters (several dozen feet) and send back some HD video, and it is ours.

Been there, done that, had a picnic and met a few aliens, signed an interplanetary peace treaty, and drank so much wine we didn't feel safe flying home, built a small Motel 6, with an indoor pool and sauna, serving sweet rolls, and frozen bagels for a continental breakfast.

This one is in the bag folks. We still have footage of our last trip.

In fact, when we heard about the laughably easy money to be made Professor Dog actually jumped into a landing module, flew up there and sent back this picture.

I guess it isn't really fair to all of the people who don't have access to such an embarrassing amount of intellect and technology. But, life is not fair. Maybe next time.

Man, this is going to be a good month for the Life Explained accounting department, 20 million and twenty five dollars.

What are you doing for the holiday season?