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Friday, October 9, 2015

Taking the Fight to the Man. (from the archives, flashback Friday, and all)

Conformity has some value, it carries the tacit promise of acceptance, along with the comfort of herd like solidarity.  There is physical safety, and emotional well being in belonging to a larger group, its value is unquestionable.

But, it carries a price.  It is the curse of convention that drives individuals to the mainstream, suppressing creativity and strangling innovation.  The need for acceptance has become the excuse for languid, listless, commonplace blah, the last refuge of the uninspired.

Sometimes a person just needs to let their hair down, metaphorically speaking, step a little outside the lines and do something a little different, unusual, something that will set them apart.

Humans are as diverse as they are numerous. Everybody has the potential for free thought, fresh ideas and creative expression of individuality.

Life explained is taking steps to help mankind break free from the shackles of predefined, established expectations.  It is time to dance to your own music, freedom awaits.

To this end we have started the "Life Explained Anti Conformity Movement."  This will be great, finally a stand against the rigid orthodoxy of the established centers of power.  No longer we will have them telling us what to eat, what to watch on TV, how to dress, which books to read, what music is "cool." We are not automatons unable to think for ourselves. We can make up our own mind, dammit.

Right now we are having a manifesto drawn up by our crack legal team, our graphic department is designing a gorgeous flag, and we have a staff of the finest designers, and tailors in the world working up some sketches for the new uniforms...

Maybe we still need to iron out some of the details.  Maybe this should be more of a grass roots thing, volunteers?