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Sunday, November 8, 2015

Sunday, and the news.

I am not sure there is much left worth saving. Watching the Sunday Morning NFL pre-game show on television they devoted a whole, lengthy portion of the show to discuss a football player who had been accused of beating his wife.

It was a very somber discussion. With overtones of punishment and retribution. Everybody was outraged. Different targets were dragged through the cross hairs of the panels vitriol, and outrage.  It was so serious they had to bring in experts. Football players and sports announcers, and some other sport "personalities." It was gripping. 

It went on for hours, at least it seemed like hours, and in the end they decided that he should not have beaten his wife. I wasn't paying that much attention, but it seemed to be a split decision about whether he should be playing but it seemed unanimous about domestic violence being bad. It was gripping.

It is amazing how long so many can talk about something so serious, so tragic, and never say anything worth listening to. And how many people watch and listen. 
Normally I don't watch anything involving professional sports, and I hardly ever watch a pregame anything, but my son is a big sports fan. The sins of the son being visited upon the father.

It seems like this whole thing is a comedy of errors, he beat his wife, and there are pictures of evidence. But, he was never prosecuted. He was suspended, but it was reduced, and he was signed to a new contract by the Cowboys, and it gives the people on television something to act indignant about.

In the end nobody is going to do anything, and life will go on. Winning is everything, and a woman's bruises and scars are fodder for people fighting for ratings. Enjoy the game.

"I was sitting home alone one night,
in LA watching old Cronkite on the seven o'clock news
Seems there was an earthquake that left
nothing but a panama hat and a pair of Greek shoes,
Didn't seem like much was happening 
so I turned it off and went to get another beer
Seems like every time you turn around 
there's another hard luck story that you're gonna hear
And I never did plan to go anyway
To Black Diamond Bay."

Black Diamond Bay by Bob Dylan