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Monday, November 9, 2015

Monday, and the week begins, but it could have ended.

Monday is not normally a very good day here, at Life Explained. Everybody is either cranky and irritable about being back at work, or euphoric about the wonderful weekend they just experienced. A toxic, volatile combination.

Since it so difficult to make people who are so angry feel happy again, we tried, we decided it would be much simpler to make everybody angry.

Step number one, we transferred the weekend janitorial staff to Monday security. They are drunk with power and harass everybody. Plus the offices are a mess, and trash is everywhere.

It worked pretty well, too. Unfortunately, it made the already mad people even madder. So we now had an army of homicidal workers bent on retribution versus an force of people who felt pretty good, and had the rug pulled out from under them. Believe it or not they were more dangerous.  Feelings of betrayal drive a very a passionate response.

We were stuck in the Executive Kitchen, and at the east door, were a group of furious employees, banging and pounding and screaming for blood. On the west side a contingent of outraged, uncontrollably violent associates who screaming for revenge.

It was a terrifying situation. Splintering doors, and smashed barricades, pushing closer and closer to the center of the room. It looked bleak, and we were making ready to initiate the "final protocol."

If it hadn't been for bell signaling the morning break we may have had to destroy the planet. After morning coffee and some sweet rolls everybody was ready for the work week. Smiling, whistling and ready to sav2e the world, in their own manner.