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Sunday, December 13, 2015

The Kid In Me

I came across this meme and thought to myself, this would come in handy for my 2nd-floor stairs. I could also slide down the heavier bags, all kinds of stuff. But then the door would be blocked, Mr. Rose and I having to get out the safety roll down the ladder you attach to the window contraption. This is a drill people, no fires here and put the ladder back.

Then I got to thinking about that chair-like contraption, I love that word, that attached to the stairs wondering if one would even fit in our super narrow stairway. How much weight could this chair hold and could I refrain from turning it into a carnival ride. I get bored or curious. When it's both I suggest you run for the hills.

So I'm looking for more pins or doing whatever it is that I do all day, I'm sure it's the long road to be all you can be blogger, and come across an escalator in a mall. Don't ask. Picturing a slide on that got me an image of people flying down the imaginary slide at top speed you would need bales of hay or something soft, I know, pillows, it is a mall, to stop you from sliding past the perfume counter.

I am satisfied with kids, adults, adults that are kids with sliding down an outdoor slide I have decided to have one built in my backyard, like my landlady would approve that one, and give it a go myself, bad joints be cursed. Unless it rains. Then it's a water slide.