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Saturday, January 9, 2016

Collecting Rainwater, Cannabis, Raw Milk, Unlicensed Fishing

Today I'm visiting Tim Clark. Thanks again for inviting me to write for your blog which I consider a wonderful honor.

What do the above four subjects have in common you ask.  They are all illegal. They shouldn't be in my humble opinion: some are being legalized little by little like Cannabis.

Raw Milk I think may have something to do with catching something wondering what they did in order to drink milk in the 'old days'.

Unlicensed Fishing which my personal opinion should be free.

Collecting rainwater??? No link for collecting rainwater. I think we all know what rainwater is.
You have got to be kidding me. I could have ended up in prison not knowing this! Being the curious blogger that I am, I went off to research this four illegal subjects.

Cannabis. There are 23 Legal Medical Marijuana States and DC. Of course, you have to have a prescription from your hopefully open-minded doctor. They will hand out depressant medicines like they are candy but heaven forbids you really get relaxed. Someone told me that as I roll my eyes.

Raw Milk. Okay, milk cow you are under arrest. I saw those udders swinging in the wind all stretched out. Who milked you, tell me or no pasture for you. Yup, I was right. You could catch horrible diseases so stop messing with their food! Someone told me that too.

Unlicensed Fishing. Well, that makes sense, they, whoever they are, mean the big fishing boats. I can understand that. Would it be illegal if that boat sank leaving you in a lifeboat haveing to try and catch a fish to live? We are on the honor code now. What about those shows showing those fish flying into those small canoes and boats? Throw them back, quick!

Let's scale it down a bit to river and lake Unlicensed Fishing. I'm going with the State I am in Vermont. Wow, I didn't know you could spear fish with a bow and arrow. Learn something new every day. They sure got a lot of rules and fines if those rules are broken. I stand by fishing in rivers, lakes and a lifeboat should be free.

Collecting rainwater. This is the one that really puzzles and interests me. (Running outside to tip all the rain barrels over.) I just read this and I'm not quite sure what to make of it:

"In some states, especially in the West, water law directs that rainfall belongs to existing water-rights owners, and it must flow to its rightful water drainage"
 Is it me or does this make any sense?

Okay, I went to Snopes to see what's up with that. From what I can tell from reading this long winded article, at least to me, there are a lot of half-truths. So I will dig deeper.

Vermont- Update February 24, 2014, regarding Vermont: The state government website has information encouraging rainwater harvesting and cisterns.   From this, we can logically conclude that it is not against Vermont state law for individual homeowners to harvest rain water. Like all state governments, Vermont has rules, regulations, and laws regarding water. 

Well, that's it. Now I have a flooded yard (not really) from tipping imaginary barrels over and can collect water if I so choose too. I had no idea I would learn so much but I feel just a teeny bit smarter now.

What do you think? I love stories so do tell.