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Sunday, January 10, 2016

We Think the World of You.

There is a time for change, and a time to resist the flow of evolutionary forces. With the new year it is tempting to surrender to the desire to improve. Maybe lose some weight, exercise, take a few classes, write that screenplay. Or maybe paint, act, dance your way onto stage and into the hearts of America. Don't give in to those silly dreams.  You have made it this far, right? Look at you. You are a fine example of all that is right in this world.

For one thing you are not being investigated by the NCAA*. And that is something of which you can be proud. With thousands of regulations, and a rule book so thick it would work as scaffolding you have managed to avoid violation, sanctions or probation, despite the fact that you have never lost an NCAA game.

You are not foolishly dabbling in fantasy sports**.  Lord knows how much time is wasted on that silliness. Tracking performance, trading, bickering, trash talking***, watching, reading, researching, it is a black hole and some people never return. If people spent that much time exercising, practicing, and working they might actually be one of the people on a fantasy team.

And look at you, reading this blog. As far as we, here at Life Explained Global Offices (LEGO****), are concerned that puts you right at the top of the ol' evolutionary ladder. Face it, if you were off working out, learning, improving yourself, expanding your potential, or experiencing life's great challenges you wouldn't have time to read blogs. Everest doesn't have WiFi, or a microwave, or a coffee maker, and I could use a cup right now.

Don't sell yourself short. We were just talking about you the other day in our staff meeting, and we think you are fantastic, just the way you are. Please, don't change a thing. We tell everyone we know how great you are. Share this blog with everyone you know so they can read it and understand how truly wonderful you are. You owe it to the world.

PS. if you need video proof of your awesomeness, here you go.

* Does not apply to John Calipari, Coach of the Kentucky Wildcats.

** Does not apply to all of the geeks, and nerds.

*** "Man, I really kicked your a$$ this week." "Yes, but I poured a whole cup of coffee on your keyboard, and you will probably not have a very good game next week."

**** Not the fantastically successful, profitable toy, don't we wish though.