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Friday, January 15, 2016

Life Explained, Evolves, Eventually.

Of the many things I am going to emphasize in 2016 is making a more visual presentation online. I have a new camera, and several new apps. It is an exciting time here at the top secret Life Explained world headquarters.

Of course, it is not going to be easy. Looking back at the early days many LE posts did not even have a picture, and many of them that did have a graphic have a blank spot where the picture used to proudly sit. Still not too sure how that happened, it might have been me, it might have been Google, heck it might have been Thor god of thunder, I don't know.

And the few videos I have managed to assemble have been rickety, rough, cobbled together things with little redeeming value. Hope springs eternal, though, and I am blessed with a wonderful capacity for forgiveness. Plus, I am used to forgiving my shortcomings, it has been a hobby for a long time.

Evolution is irresistible,though. Graphics and video production are calling me. Which, I fear, spells big trouble for you, out there in Life Explained Nation. Eventually they will all end up here.

To help build your immunity, sort of a "vaccination," I have decided to take some old pictures and add a little arrow that normally signifies "play" on a video. You can adjust more slowly, and when the videos start rolling in they won't seem so bad.

Here, in one act, Life Explained, the Video*.

*This is only a test, had this been a real video the little arrow on the picture above would have take you to a far, far better place, or not.