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Thursday, January 14, 2016

Nobodys Home?

I'm sitting here doing a little of this, a little of that, then coming across this article. So far I have started and finished nothing. This article caught my attention though prompting me to express how I felt when I read it.

I used to live in Maine. My daughter worked and lived in Wells, Maine for a bit. I used to think of Wells as going to the beach kind of town but this has been changed a little.

This women died alone and wasn't found for 2 1/2 years. They explain why it took so long to find her remains but that's not the only thing that got me to thinking. It touched on my fear of dying alone.

Most of us want to pass away in bed, in our own home, surrounded by family. My Great-Grandpa passed that way when I was eight years old.

Dying all by yourself. The thought is scary. Having no one really looking for you is scary. The fact you can be yards away from your neighbors with no one the wiser is scary.

She was supposed to have had cats. Thank the Lord she didn't. I'm so flabbergasted that it took so long to find her, minus the cats.

This gets me to thinking that maybe it's time to get together a plan if you live all alone. I'm going to look that up while I'm thinking of it.

I clicked on some links when I typed in 'how not to die alone' and from what I can gather, these individuals were more or less hermits having bills automatically taken out by the person's bank which got me to thinking some more.

I read how a bank kept withdrawing money from a passed away person's account, it was automated, when it ran out then they noticed. It was thousands of dollars that could have been given to a relative or something.

I just shake my head at the injustice of it all. I personally think someone should come up with a better way to find these poor people. Even googling didn't bring a whole lot of results but I did stumble across links for dating. (One eyebrow up here folks)

What is your greatest fear? I love stories so do tell.