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Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Something Old and Something New

Friends and fans of this blog will tell you I am a big fan of technology, and progress.  And convenience.  And ease, and comfort.  At the same time I am a staunch ally of the classics.  Wisdom that has traveled the treacherous, rocky, often violent path of time can still have value, and truth.  Moreover, there is a great deal of comfort in applying the remedies that once offered hope and relief to our ancestors.  That is why we were so excited to find out about Infographics.


Apparently ancient man was not alone in using pictures to tell enhance a story. Unlike Cro-Magnon man, though, we can use Infographics on almost any PC, tablet, or smart phone. Always just a few keystrokes away, or sometimes a mouse click, or occasionally a swipe, touch, gesture, press, or tap these modern hieroglyphs are easily accessible for the "cave painters" of modern times.


If you get an email with the following; "Hey, ( me" you know what to do. You should call that person.  Conversely, if you get a text that looks like this:

You know it means that person wants to know if you are available for toxic coffee with a communist pirate.  Make sure to keep a few hours open every day for opportunities like this. Yes, most days it will be wasted, but when the chance does come up you don't want to be overscheduled.

Maybe you will get this information packed jewel.

Which lets you know that your choice in music is so awful it would make a monkey nauseous. These are things we need to know. These are things we have to hear, or see. These are things that are much better said with Infographics.

Of course, these are the only uses for, and certainly not the only type of Infographics. There are tales of numbers represented by lines and segments imposed on appropriate photos. But, who knows about that stuff.  Send us a sample of your favorite Infographic, and it might end up in "Life Explained, The Trilogy." Yes, friends, it has grown beyond the confines of a single cinematic masterpiece, it has become a franchise.