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Monday, January 18, 2016

Stick With What You Know

Hello fans of Game Enhancement Technology [GET] this is your friends from the Life Explained Northeastern Office [LEHO] to take credit for another weekend of great Game Enhancement. We know it has been a few weeks since we could tout our successes in GET but we decided that we had overextended ourselves, and needed to get back to basics. Never fear, because sometimes the old dog (no offense to the good doctor) has all the tricks you need.

After managing to go a whopping 0 - 2 with GET over the last two weeks of the season (although we still believe there is hope for replacing all of the other teams shoes with the automatic shrinking variety) we pulled out the old technology from the season opener. Yes it was a matter of using GETtheSteelers v2.0 to implement GETtheChiefs v1.0. We immediately called our German partners [VOLKSWAGEN] to cross engineer the systems so that they could be implemented Saturday. Thanks to patented German methodology they were able to use a process that they call "Spray Painting" we were able to transform the Steelers headsets from GET v1.0 to a maroon and gold color and have them ready for GET v17.0. It was pure genius, and it had the desired results.

Needless to say thanks to a little audio enhancement (or dehancement in this case) we were able to take install GameManager v1.1 and turn him into CluelessClockWaster v1.1. Some seem to think that this was part of faulty code AndyRied v28.8 that created all of the Clueless Hapless Expectations About Time [CHEAT] but in reality it was a simple proceedure that we here at Life Explained Northeastern Office had under control all along. As we like to say to all of the fans of GET, Never Fear LEHO is Here!

Now before we take our usual post press release questions I would like to point out that we aren't revealing the technology that will be implemented for GETtheBroncos v2.0 at this time. We watched the game last night and like most of you determined that the winner of it was The New England Patriots. In the interest of that theory we are thinking that it might be best to implement no GET system for this game and allow the Broncos fans to spend the entire off season telling anyone who will listen what GET system they think was used against them. Sometimes the best ideas for new GET systems come from the crybabies beta testers and project engineers of the other teams fan base. Until next time fans of Game Enhancement Technology [GET] this is your friends at Life Explained Northeastern Office [LENO] reminding you "Don't ever trust that dog!"