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Monday, January 18, 2016

Maybe Next Time,

After careful examination of the available data, dissecting the elaborately hidden positions of all the candidates. Plans shrouded in the secrecy of "trust me, I know what I am doing." We here, at the Dr. Dawg for High Place Elected Office have decided to withdraw our candidates name from the 2016 Presidential Primary.

We have, instead, decided to campaign, with vigor, for the office of Vice President. Sure, being President would be cool, but the competition is fierce this year, with senators, governors, congress people, doctors, titans of industry taking part in multi stage debates, spanning all three rings covered by the big top.

Dr. Dawg feels the circus like atmosphere is beneath him. He refuses to engage in the name calling, mud slinging, childish behavior like those clowns. He says if the other babies want to swing their rattles and rag dolls at each other it is fine with him. He refuses to lower himself to such ridiculous,
asinine, antics.

To be on the safe side we here at Dr. Dawg Election Central are endorsing all of the candidates in both parties.

Particularly the one with all of the really good ideas, you are by far our favorite. It is only a matter of time until your shining light leads the way out of this political dark forest the covering the country.

You know who you are, Dr. Dawg thinks the two of you would make a wonderful team. Don't you?