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Friday, February 19, 2016

Don't tell us what is not possible, we don't want to know.

Not much time today, we are in the middle of a huge transition, here at Life Explained, Ohio Office (LEOHNO). We are attempting to make a real name for ourselves in the computer world.

The Bremmerman Limit is a widely accepted part of computational theory. It is a calculation springing from the Bekenstein Bound which states clearly that the entropy of a finite amount of information to describe a space which has a finite amount of energy, or conversely the maximum amount of information required to perfectly describe a given physical system down to the quantum level.

As described here, where S is entropy and K is Bolztmann's constant, and R is the radius of ... Oh it doesn't really matter.

As any fool can tell you this implies the information of a physical system, or the information necessary to perfectly describe that system, must be finite if the region of space and the energy is finite.

From this computer science believes that a Turing machine with finite physical dimensions and unbounded memory is not physically possible. Well, we say phooey to that.
They said we could never put a robot on TV.

Nobody is going to tell us what is not possible, we will tell them what is not possible as soon as we haven't been able to do it. And as far as anybody around here knows we are still not unable to do that. And we plan to continue to not be unable to do that.

In fact, we have have a whole list of things that we have yet to establish our inability to make possible, that is what Life Explained does, dangit. We make things possible.

And anybody who thinks different is itching for a punch in the snoot.

Thank you for your time.