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Thursday, February 18, 2016

Good news, and bad news, and some news that is neither.

Thanks to the genius of +Rahul Singh* we here have decided to document the birth, nurturing, and eventual superstar success of Life Explained. A biographical account of the meteoric rise of a man, who was reeling from the unfair excesses of the post tech boom recession, and his dog. Technically, not his dog, more like a dog and his human sidekick.

The world needs to know, and it might sell enough to pay for some beer and frozen burritos, and a microwave because nobody likes to eat a frozen burrito until it is not frozen. Take our word for that.

There is a lot of excitement about the project, everybody is choosing the actor to portray them in the eventual blockbuster movie. Bob, from accounting wants Robert Redford, or Billy Dee Williams, Bob, from Sales wants Brad Pitt, and Bob from Marketing wants Brad Pitt, and so does Bob from Building Services, and Bob from Transportation, and Brenda from Legal. Brad Pitt is going to be pretty busy. We are hoping he will have time to direct, as well.

If any of you know Mr. Pitt you might want to make sure he clears his schedule, and makes a little extra room in his bank account, he might be very wealthy after this.

We will miss you, Micro SD card.
There is some sadness as well. Today we say goodbye to the original Life Explained camera. It was a sturdy little trooper, and we did a lot of things and had a lot of fun together. But, friend of the blog, Brian loaned us the Micro SD card. Since he just got a new phone he wants it back. The bastard. What kind of man loans you something and then wants it back?

Of course, mostly we used our iPhone for pictures, and recently we got a new camera, so Life Explains carries on. And Micro SD cards aren't really that expensive, we might do a crowd funding drive to buy a new one, so keep your eyes, and wallets open. Especially you, Mr. Pitt. You have a lot to gain.

For today's video we will say hello to our new camera.

*We have to wonder how someone so young ever got so smart. We need to increase the budget for Life Explained India Office (LEIO). Maybe from nothing to something, we will talk about it at the next board meeting.