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Monday, February 29, 2016

I'm NOT Sorry!

After a day of clicking on +1's, sharing all my favorite blogs, pinning, blogging my own posts, reading posts anddddd starting a collection on Google + all my own, which is beautiful by the way, I'm done for the night!

Tomorrow is another day which I will wake up, streach, walk like a zombie to get my coffee, enjoy the day and hopefully get in some new blog reading time:)

Today was in the 40's which is a heatwave as far as I'm concerned so Mrs. Spring I'm ready for you. I got this little squishy baby chicken that lights up when you shake it for little Barrett.

Easter and all the wonderful colors and church services, for some, is coming along with hope eternal.

No word today for this post cos I'm starving and tomorrow being March 1st the stop stuffing your face month begins:)