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Monday, February 29, 2016

Super Tuesday meet TuesdayMania

Super Tuesday is tomorrow. And we can't wait. The day we have been working toward all season. It will be the ultimate showdown between giants of politics. A day of reckoning.

Candidates from both parties are cranking up the rhetorical smoke (smoke that does not require an answer) in anticipation of the showdown. There is a great deal of anger and animosity, name calling and accusations. 

And when the candidates are asked, "do you think it is smart to say so many terrible things about  another candidate?" the answer is always "look at Clinton and Obama" or "remember Bush and McCain." they invoke the history of politics as proof that their actions are acceptable.

We think, remember Burr and Hamilton. Certainly we are not suggesting that Rubio and Trump duel to the death. But, honestly, wouldn't it be fun to see Cruz and Kasich don those inflatable Sumo costumes and run full speed into each other. 

Maybe those over-sized boxing gloves would be the way to go. "Trump's politics are in line with Clinton's and he fights like a bowl of pudding. I will smash him, I will destroy him, I will disassemble him and put him back together in a way that will make him look shorter and heavier, liken I did with Chris Christie."

Man, then politics would be fun. People would flock to the debates, and stand in line to buy t-shirts. "Teddy the Crusher Cruz" tackles "Ben the Doctor of Death Carson" in a no holds barred cage match. 

And when Bernie Sanders rushes out and smashes both of them with a chair the applause would be deafening. People would only be quiet long enough to hear him offer free community college for everybody, and unholy agony for anybody foolish enough to challenge him in the general election.

We wouldn't need wealthy donors, or super PACs, we would have sponsors lining up to throw money all over the place. And consumers rushing to buy their product in a touching display of well placed product affection.

But, the world is not ready for that kind of campaign, yet. When it is people will look back to this post as the catalyst that revolutionized the way America elects presidents, What a lovely day that will be.