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Tuesday, February 16, 2016

The Homeless and Empty Houses

Empty house.

I sit here at my notebook gazing out the window idly gazing at the empty house at the end of our street asking myself how is it fair with all the homeless we have in this state and town it can remain so.

From what I understand and I won't quote what I heard it was selling for but it's supposedly for people who are on a low income. In fact, it's through an agency that we have applied to and got approved, waiting for our turn. We are on a waiting list. A very long waiting list.

Before, a very old house that was falling apart stood where this brand new house is sitting now. We all listened and watched as the workers demolished the old house warning the neighborhood kids to stay away from that area. That was 2 summers ago. I'm sorry the picture is so dark but once again we have some very dark clouds hovering over St. Johnsbury.

I decided to google and see what was going on and I found "172 homeless children in Chittenden County alone". 

I find a story about a family being homeless.  This family had fallen on hard times. Then I run across an article 25 percent more homeless in Vermont than in 2012.

It just goes on and on but here I sit staring at a 2-bedroom brand new house with an adjourning garage that has been sitting empty for at least two years. I just don't get it.

What are your thoughts about homelessness? I love stories so do tell.