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Tuesday, April 26, 2016

The Life Explained Test Schedule, pay attention, there will be a Quiz!

Tomorrow is the pretest for the final exam which will be in several weeks. Tomorrow's test will cover the core of Life as an entity, including the myriad variations involved in the evolution of society from the beginning of time.

It would be wise to look over the background material, this blog and the other blogs in the Life Explained universe, paying particular attention to the posts that will be featured on the test.

This is just a preparatory test, and grades will not count. Unless you get a really good grade and would like to use that, then for a small donation to the Teacher's Retirement Fund of Life Explained we will mark that in the books. For those of you with parents whose income is limited we will consider a summers worth of yard work, or car washes.

For those brave souls who would like to retest, please show up on Saturday, the 25th, and bring coffee, and donuts, or at the very least bagels.

If you are not comfortable with reading, studying, testing or homework, copies of the exam will be on sale in the lobby beginning today at 3:00. You can fill them out at home (no cheating, please) and turn them in tomorrow, or the next day, for an added fee.

We want to see you succeed, tutoring is available in the Old Bucket of Fish Guts Pub tonight between 6:30 and 6:45, after which there will be dancing, and drinking, and carrying on, if you like that sort of thing. We can take or leave it, but we want to be there for you.

It has been a great year, the parts that didn't stink anyway, and we wish you the best in the life that follows your time here, at Life Explained University, where the first round is on us.

Thanks, and remember the frozen burritos are not yours. So keep your hands off, you little thief.