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Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Still undecided, we can help.

Today is the Indiana Presidential Primary. It has all the makings of OK Corral, or the final scene from Highlander, there can be only one. Both parties are teetering on the edge of nomination, and this may be the push needed to plunge into the abyss.

It is the the showdown Cruz has been asking for. A high stakes, high noon duel to the death with "the Trump." Cruz has maintained, for months, that given the opportunity a wave of conservative voters would flood the polls and lift him to victory. With Kasich out of the picture and a state as conservative as Indiana this will be the ultimate test of that theory.

Clinton and Sanders have become locked in a battle of "Woman vs. Socialist."  And the woman is winning. With an assist from Trump proclaiming that she was playing the woman card. In fairness, Trump should talk about Bernie playing the socialist card. He might poll a little better if he had his own card to play.

As the day winds down a nervous country waits for the good people of Indiana to finish placing their bets. It is so hard to say who they will pick. Five candidates who, individually, seem distasteful, but as group they manage to become completely loathsome. Spending millions of dollars to convince America they are not nearly as bad as it appears.

I have never actually trusted a politician, voting has always been a burden.  However,  in every election I can remember there has been one candidate who at least seemed civil, palatable, somebody I could vote for without too much distaste. Not this year. Looking back it doesn't seem like out of all the people who jumped in and declared themselves a candidate could actually carry the "not so bad" mantle.

My only hope is a contested convention (after such a contentious primary campaign it would be fitting) and the candidates will battle throughout, fighting tooth and claw, giving no quarter, until at the end the only person left standing is a decent human being with a noble soul, and a bent for charity. A person whose only desire is to improve the lives of everybody, everywhere. Since that seems unlikely we are endorsing Cthulhu for president.