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Saturday, May 21, 2016

Under the Big Top

Today we are dealing with our government and the ability to deal with a looming crisis. Zika virus is coming, everybody knows that. A disease that could damage thousands of lives, and Washington is locked in battle over the best way to ignore the potential disaster.

No, not really, Washington is more or less ignoring anything that would require any sort of action. In all fairness, though, they are dealing with an election cycle. For the casual observer this seems like a side show, a traveling circus that comes to town and snarls traffic, ties up news people and flies away, like a thief in the night.

But, in the capital this is the only show in town. People are lining up to get in pictures, and endorse candidates, raise money, and let everybody know they are doing their job, even while they are not doing anything.

So, they keep "working" and the virus keeps inching closer. The airwaves are filled with the ridiculous name calling and finger pointing of the most angry, repugnant group of presidential hopefuls imaginable. And real problems are being ignored. This is not a difficult problem and the solutions are obvious, testing, mosquito control programs and vaccinations are all reliable and only wait for funding. But, our elected officials are very busy not doing anything.

Remind me again why I should vote.