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Friday, July 15, 2016

1,001 Posts, a dream come true.

This is officially my 1,001 blog post on Life Explained. It is difficult to explain but somehow that seems like a big deal. Also it is a little misleading. Some of those posts are drafts, never published little gems waiting for their time in the spotlight. Many are drafts, with a single sentence. Many are only scraps, bits of a sentence that make no sense. Even less sense than a normal Life Explained post.

When I first started this blog I had no idea what I was doing. I read a lot of things about writing a successful blog. Most of the ones that made sense* dealt with finding a niche and fitting in there. I haven't, and probably won't.

I found a Yoda who taught me the ways of the Blog, and when I was too dense to understand he would just go in and clean up the mess. One time it was such a big job he had to enlist his wife. Yes, that's right. Mr. and Mrs. Yoda made this blog the shining example of digital beauty you see today.

But, the content is still spotty, inconsistent and rambling. So, I am laying out a plan. In my next 500 posts I will;

1. Bring Jeff back from the brink of the abyss. Somehow.
2. Write a post about the presidential candidates, and how this happened.
3. Discuss the many ways to prepare for winter. Soon, I like thinking about the cold when it is hot.
4. Tell you about my new plan for a book. It is different from my last plan, a little.
5. Dissect the proper way to attack a cover two defense. (not really, that is just to pull in football fans)
6. Elaborate endlessly on a planned trip to the Smoky Mountains of Tennessee.
7. Go back and finish all those drafts, even the ones that start "Today is the lon." It almost writes itself doesn't it?

And many other things, It is going to be busy. Don't forget to check back often. And if you have ideas for a post let me know, in the comment sections, on Twitter, at @TimClark_Tweets on Facebook at or better yet, just write the post and email me at and save me all the trouble, that would be super.

*I tried to read the SEO (a magic formula similar to alchemy) pieces but they are somewhere between algebra and dental surgery on the scale of discomfort.