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Tuesday, August 23, 2016

It was a day better forgotten.

Looking back it is easy to see when things went bad. It was the darkest day in company history, it was a day that is never discussed, in the company meetings, never whispered about around the water cooler, never mentioned emails, text messages, or faxes. Occasionally some joker will scrawl something on the bathroom wall.

Which was the driving force behind installing security cameras in all the bathrooms. Which turned out to be a big mistake. Man, was the legal department mad. When they got out of jail. If they were a decent legal department they would have told us that was illegal. Not to mention distasteful, disgusting and kind of stupid.

But, we decided nothing is so antiseptic as daylight. Nothing so remedial as illumination. It was time the company had was shriven, and found it in ourselves to forgive each other, even if we would never forget.

We met in the largest meeting room, which is also the lunch room, which also happens to be where we store the wine, and the bourbon, and the beer, salami, cheddar, and wafers, crackers, and popcorn.

“Everybody knows what we are here to discuss.” Dr. Dawg said, at the table by the window, the light streaming in had the effect of a halo surrounding him. “We are here to discuss the awful circumstances of December 14th, 2011. The day we…”

He was interrupted by Bob asking if anybody wanted any cheese, crackers and salami.

“No thanks. But pass those salt and vinegar chips if you would.” Naomi, from Logistics said.

“Is there any of that anchovy pizza left?”  William from Architecture and Design asked.

“No, but I have some extras french fries.”

“Anybody want some nachos?”

Soon everybody was snacking on salty, crunchy food. And the thirst was overwhelming. Wine, beer, liquor was flowing. Things were going well.  People were laughing, joking, the room was electric with happiness. Until Phil from the infirmary asked “what did you mean by that?"

After the question comes the deluge, and the custodians were furious.

"Oh, for pities sake." Dr, Dawg said, shaking his head sadly as he left the room.

Nobody feels so bad about December 14th, 2011 anymore. Now we have a new source of shame. Mission accomplished. Maybe we will tackle this one in a couple of years.