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Friday, August 26, 2016

Why Rahul sued Tim? - Chapter 3. The $921 billion project, and The Jaguar!

I was fighting again. The Universal middleweight champion, Winnie - The Jaguar - my opponent. Without getting into too many details, I would like to inform that after the match, I'd needed 23 stitches above my right eye, a surgery for my shattered knee, treatment for broken ribs, and then for severe weight loss in coming times, and consistent loss of eye sight. 

My fighting career ended. I shouldn't have had to fight Winnie at all anyways. Only if Life explained played by the rules.

The $900M deal had me on cloud 9. I had to take up the finance and investment departments. I remember my first meeting with Dr. Dawg, he seemed to have professionalism etched in each cell of his. We signed the formalities, and I was given $57 million in advance, and an island, a jet, and arms to protect myself. I was simply overwhelmed.

As excited as I was. I am a professional, and I take my work seriously, even doing a 13 days crash course on Financing. I felt good, and I knew I could make LE grow. However, here the differences started to arise. Dr. Dawg had hired me more as a brand ambassador and promoter, rather than someone who handles business. Who answers the tough questions, and roams around in a suit during summer with a company logo. 

It's a sad tale. Frustration crept in, and then anger, and then revolt. My assistant Ashley, and most of my office staff left their jobs. I had become too hot to handle for 'em. Change was needed, change I sought for, and I give it everything.

I used my financial powers in the company, fought with Tim and Dawg, even body slammed Jack in a meeting. I made the company give me the chance and bought an island in planet RS-247 from another galaxy. I started a construction project, confident that it was best for business. A $921 billion project would've given the company a 142% return on investment.

It was magic happening, but recession hit the target planet, and our project had to be nixed, with a $176 billion loss. While, I'm aware I would be found guilty, but it wasn't my mistake. The business idea was blockbuster. Anyways, I was suspended, my luxuries taken back and my accounts were locked by Tim Clark leaving me with no other option than to fight, and then as I mentioned in the start things went worse as I fought the Jaguar.

I can't fight an ant now, with my fitness. My career is over, and Life, Explained won't give me "MY" hard earned money. What I did was my job, I was hired for that, and before signing the contract Dr. Dawg had given me his word. So, had Tim Clark, but words don't matter in this age, it seems.
I will see you in the court, Tim. Unless, we can have FAIR play.