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Saturday, September 10, 2016

Big news, not really, but at least it is short.

Today is a big day. I am going to get a hair cut. Most people would view this as commonplace, even mundane. Those people don't have my hair. Which is a combination of a Brillo pad and an uncontrollable wild fire. It grows so quickly and unmanageably that soon it looks as though my head is covered in graying, weed infested Bermuda grass. Any attempts to control it with a comb are futile, and only make it angry. 

Further, my haircuts always seemed to be tied to some event. It doesn't make sense, but every time it seems to signal the arrival of something enjoyable.Open-mouthed smile This haircut signals the preparation for our big trip to Tennessee. Stay tuned for the exciting video, or stay tuned for the slightly interesting video, or, possibly, stay tuned for the "how interesting could it possibly be, this guy is all jacked up about getting a haircut?" video. I am not sure what footage and photos the videoFilmstrip will contain, but I have the music and introductory phrasing selected, and if you like the Grateful Dead and Charlie Daniels you will be at least mildly interested.

I might post a before and after picture of my bad hair, and marginally better hair. But, probably not. You are much too kind and gentle for that. More likely I will make a video, kind of an introductory movie, a practice run. That might be fun.

OK here is the before.

Well, here we are 240 words and several Peace emoticons later, and nothing has been said. And nothing has been decided. But, we all have something to look forward to, at least I do, and hey it is my blog.