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Sunday, October 9, 2016

Alien Voter Registration

Jester's Log. Mission #6: Voting on Mars
This latest mission took me outside the office for a few days...way outside the office. The nearly 70 million round trip miles traveled on this mission was well worth the time and rocket fuel. It also served a dual purpose.

Most importantly, we don't like to be seen as wasting money here at Life Explained. I mean we all know it's happening, but we try to at least maintain a respectable facade. Having recently purchased a space shuttle, I have eagerly been looking for a mission that would allow me to utilize it. Well I can honestly say it paid off this time. I used it to setup a remote voter registration station on Mars.

It has come to our attention that the competition's efforts of registering illegal aliens and the deceased has increased dramatically. Because of this, we feel it is our responsibility to ramp up our extraterrestrial alien registrations. This is of course working in tandem with our taco truck, vote early - vote often plan.

Don't tell Tim it was my idea, but we used the space shuttle to transport the old VW van to Mars to act as our mobile voter registration station until a fully operational taco truck could be pressed into service. There is apparently a lot of red tape when it comes to the department of health and off-planet vendor licenses. R&D apparently can't even guarantee that Martians like tacos so we're hoping to have more solid information on that before deploying the truck.

All in all, the mission went off quite smoothly. I hope Tim doesn't mind we took the VW to Mars. I suppose we could have waited until he returned from his trip with it, but drastic times call for drastic measures. I'm sure he found a way back home after we snagged the van. I guess we'll find out Monday.  Remember Clark/Zahrt this election. Get out, eat tacos and vote....daily if able. Until next time....