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Friday, October 7, 2016

Vote, and enjoy.

A brief update on the Life Explained Presidential Revolt.

We have made significant progress on the Taco Truck front, and voter registration, In typical Life Explained fashion we have combined the two into one seamless, glowing example of American industriousness, The Taco Truck Voter Registration Movement.

It is unclear if this was +Jesse Zahrt's idea, or if the it just sprang from the desire to eat tacos and sign forms that is so prevalent among multi-tasking, smart phone loving, tablet carrying society. Either is fine.

We are just glad people are taking part in the great American practice, the one thing that makes this country great, the overwhelming principal of the founding fathers, the driving force behind this nation. The ability to get a taco off a truck.

Let's face it, walking up to a truck, parked on a street, and getting a taco, can life get any better? We think not.

Together we can keep this nation strong, secure, and fed, right from the street in front of the bank.

Vote the Life Explained ticket, Zahart Clark for President, congress, the senate, mayor, and city council. Free tacos for everybody.