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Monday, October 31, 2016

Life Unexplained – The Paranormal Experience

It is Halloween.  The time of the year when imaginations run wild, children are cut loose to run through neighborhoods like hooligans and adults have a reason to binge on candy and dress inappropriately. For those of you who are familiar with my blog, Woman on the Ledge, you know I am a huge fan of horror films and paranormal television shows. However, what you didn’t know is that I have actually experienced some strange things in my life. No, I am not talking about the “incident” at a certain indoor pool at the Sheraton (shout out to Clarion University 1985). I am talking about paranormal events, things that I can’t explain.

The month is June.  The year is 2015. It was an ordinary morning. My alarm had not yet gone off. Happily slumbering away in my bed, I turned over on my side. Maggie, my Boston Terrier stirred slightly.  My husband and I always sleep with the door to our bedroom closed.  For some reason, that gives me peace of mind. Which when you think about it, is truly ridiculous.  If someone wants to come after you, a closed door is not going to stop them.

I was in that twilight time. You know when you are not yet awake but not quite sleeping. Maybe I was dreaming but I could have sworn I heard hushed voices coming from downstairs. It sounded like three people whispering.  This was crazy because my husband, John, was at work and the only entities in the house were me and Maggie. I tried to ignore it but the buzzing became more insistent. 
At first, I thought maybe it was the television and that John wanted to catch a sports score before leaving the house. It was then that my rational brain spoke up. You know he never watches TV in the morning.  

Wiping my eyes, I sat up in bed with my head cocked listening to the murmurs. Before I could get out of bed to investigate, I heard a male voice say, “Susan!” rather loudly.  My heart began beating hard in my chest. Did I really just hear that? Seriously?  I looked over at Maggie, who had also heard it.  
I cracked the door open. The whispering abruptly stopped. Tentatively, I called down the stairs, “I heard you. What do you want?” I was answered with the crushing sound of silence.  To this day, I don’t know if I was dreaming the disembodied voice or if maybe someone from beyond the grave was trying to get my attention. I guess I will never know and I am not sure that I want to find out.

My last paranormal event occurred in the summer of 1987.  It was a rather humid night and I was jogging around the neighborhood with my dog. This was our usual routine after I came home from work. We had passed by a rather boisterous gang of high school kids hanging out at the park. Following our usual route, we turned down a side street. I was looking at my sneakers as my feet pounded the pavement.

I don’t know why I suddenly looked up. It was then that I saw something quite extraordinary. In the distance, I could hear shrieking coming from the playground. The hair on the back of my neck was standing up.  So was the hair on the back of my Rhodesian Ridgeback. Before me in the night time sky was a circular craft. The bottom of the object had multi-colored lights. It hovered between the tree tops.

At first, I thought it was a helicopter and that the police were looking for someone.  This theory was quickly discounted because there was no sound being emitted by the object. It was on the move now gliding effortlessly. My dog and I quickly started jogging again in a vain attempt to catch up with this thing. We turned the corner and the lights of the vehicle flickered out and there was nothing left but the blackness of the night sky. I searched the horizon to no avail.  It had vanished into thin air. 

I hope you enjoyed this seasonal offering. Think of these reminiscences as cautionary tales. Remember if you hear a voice calling your name and no one is around, think before you answer. You never know what or whom may be lurking in the shadows.  If you happen to be outside tonight, look up at the stars, you never know what you may see.

Happy Halloween!