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Friday, October 28, 2016

The Fight Continues

"Our isolation continues to be total; various illnesses have undermined the health of some comrades... our peasant base is still undeveloped, although apparently a program of planned terror will succeed in neutralizing most of them and their support will come later. We have not had a single recruit (from the peasantry)... To sum up a month in which all has evolved normally considering the standard development of a guerilla war."

"Che" Guevara, Bolivia April 1967

Join us, you can do it from home.

Apparently this insurgency warfare is a lot more time consuming and arduous than we thought, at first.  And kind of lonely. And the first holiday party is Monday. So we may have to just go to attend.

It might be the perfect chance to gather intelligence, though. If you ply people with enough pizza and "fun size" candy bars it is only a matter of time before they start spilling the beans about the plans for the Thanksgiving party, and the Christmas/Hanukkah/Kwanzaa party. Oh the power of melted cheese, chocolate, caramel and creamy nougat. It is irresistible,

Then we can spend the next few weeks undermining the party plans of the imperialist lackeys, and their overly social bourgeois masters.

Nothing says happy Thanksgiving like an exploding turkey (particularly if it is too dry), and lumpy potatoes and gravy. Also, we plan to substitute fat free whipped topping for the pumpkin pie. Then people will think twice about having another party.

If that does not deter them we plan on taking all of the presents for the big party, the gift giving extravaganza and substituting "Dummy" books. "Dieting for Dummies" "Hair Styling for the Complete Idiot." "Makeup Application for the Stupid, and Trashy." Hey, that party might be kind of fun, then.

We are still working on the New Years bash, and will update you soon. Stay focused, comrades, our struggle is real and the road to victory long. #VivaLaDonuts.