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Saturday, January 21, 2017

This will make a great movie.

Part 4, of the story, of Life Explained, Here is part 3
Not quite halfway between the secret base and the city containing the Life Explained world headquarters was a small compound. It was almost invisible. It was built that way, to blend in with the surrounding woods, to be unseen. 

It housed a group of men called the Brotherhood of Disaster (BoD). They were certain a worldwide economic collapse was imminent. If not an economic collapse then a pathogen borne apocalypse, or a New World Order occupation, Equally certain the chaos created would be devastating, and ordinary citizens would be livestock. These men had had abandoned, more or less, society in an effort to prepare for the coming apocalypse. Investing heavily in weapons and ammunition they hid away only coming out to work, and shop for guns and groceries. 

They were convinced the secret government facility’s sole purpose was to watch them. While the government knew of their existence, and did watch them, they were not too concerned with BoD. They were, it was widely assumed, more or less, harmless. They were armed, yes, but they were cautious. And as long as nothing truly awful happened they seemed content to stay in their compound planning, expecting, some of them even hoping for the worst.  There were a few agents planted in the organization who kept law enforcement informed of the situation. It did not require an armed forces detachment with air, indirect fire, Special Forces and a direct line to the pentagon to contain them. 

No, that was reserved for a barely controllable, inept organization producing who knows what, for who knows whom. Staffed by incompetents, and malcontents, an organization so inept and powerful it might have to be wiped from the face of the planet. Maybe not, though. Maybe, it might pay off letting them goof around with time travel, matter transference, and weaponry that would make wars winnable again. 

But, when the helicopters flew just to the west of the BoD compound the noise kicked off an astonishing reaction. Men dove under vehicles, rolled behind embankments, popped up, scanned the horizon and fell flat again.  

Suddenly the radio crackled and a lonely, lost voice said “you have choppers inbound.” 

“Damnit, Bobby, you fell asleep again.” Steven Forsnoy, the leader said, with disgust, he rolled his eyes to the heavens looking for strength. “We are sitting here, our butts hanging in the breeze and the choppers are on us before you call.” Then he noticed the silence, the helicopters had passed. They weren’t circling. They were just gone.  

“They flew right past us, boss.” Darren said. “Like they didn’t care. They just kept going.” 

Steven knew they were coming. He knew, felt deep in his soul, the change had begun, the balloon was going up. “Why in the hell did they fly right past us? Did they forget where we are? Are we that hidden?” He asked, looking at the men gathered around him. They were dusty from rolling under jeeps, and trucks, behind barrels, a few of them were a little bruised, and still breathing hard from dropping so vigorously on the ground. But, through all of the heavy breathing, and dusty fatigues the confusion was obvious. They had not prepared all this time to be ignored. 

“Something big is going on in the city.” A voice said, “I heard it on the radio. Big, Bad, Bold 95.7 all the hits, all the time, was doing a broadcast from the arena, and now they are running for their lives, they had to abandon their gear, and are on foot. It sounds pretty big. Lots of explosions, gun fights, fires. It might be the…” He didn’t know what it could be. It was just too strange. 

“Hell, Earl, why didn’t you say something sooner? This is the start, I am sure. This is what we have been waiting for. The… well I don’t know what it is, but it is starting. Mount up.” He said 

The men piled into trucks, and jeeps, and cars, a motorcycle with a side car. And they roared off. Then they roared back, they had forgotten the guns, and ammunition.  

The fight was on.