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Friday, April 21, 2017

Working, Sort Of, If That Is What You Want To Call It.

Today is a big day, here at Life Explained. Today, we had two pieces of writing appear online.

My monthly column on The Wild Word (the mostly appropriately named, Head Above Water, sometimes I sink, a little further than comfortable) about the mysterious journey of being married. Or at least the mysterious journey of my marriage. I hope my wife appreciates her good fortune. Kids, don't try this at home, it is not for the meek, mild or irresolute. Well, thinking about this writer, yes, I guess it is.

And, a piece on on the Open Thought Vortex Magazine, describing my less than stellar history with guns. Having been on both sides of the issue I am am resolutely unconvinced of their glorious utility. I have heard all the arguments, and remain opposed to the unrestricted, irresponsible arming of America.

Despite my best efforts to predict the future I have no way of knowing what will happen to Tim Clark the writer, but you will see it here. Stay tuned.

And since it is Friday, let's end the day with some Rock and Roll.