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Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Well, that was easy.

In many ways Donald Trump's appeal is obvious. He has, through a series of tweets,angry speeches and absent minded interviews absolved Americans from all responsibility.  Nothing is our fault. Recessions, high prices, unemployment, all caused by the currency machinations of foreign governments or unfair trade agreements, or manipulative Canadian dairy farmers. But, we are not to blame. And he is going to come in and save us all. Through tweets, missile attacks, bluster, bully and bravado he is going to right all of the wrongs. 

The ultimate welfare state, just sit back and Papa Trump will make everything right again. Don't worry, all the jobs are coming back, coal will be dug, and burned, West Virginia will be saved. Automobiles will roll off assembly lines, Detroit will be saved. And you won't have to do a thing.

In one magic tweet he will cut taxes, increase defense spending, reign in North Korea and bring peace to the Middle East. All while strengthening the values of the American people. Without any help from you, you just take it easy, you have been through enough already.

Health care, you won't need health care, the President will make sure you don't get sick. It is all that clean air and fresh water that the EPA has been pushing down everybody's throat that's making everybody sick. That will not be a problem anymore, the Pres will see to that. You don't need to lift a finger.

All of this time everybody thought it would take hard work and industry to reach the next level of American industry, to carve out the passage to the next page of history but it was as easy as electing a game show host. Who knew? I will make some popcorn, you bring the drinks and we can watch it together.