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Saturday, May 20, 2017

Coming Attractions.

We have decided to fire up the ol’ Life Explained movie studio. That’s right, time to light the fires of undeserved hype and unfounded boasting. It is too late to record, edit and produce an entry for Cannes this year, unless we hurry, and one of you happens to know someone who can sneak it into the lineup. If so we might be able to push production up, rush the editing process, and cut corners on CGI. But, we will probably have to start filming right after lunch. After we write the script, of course. Let us know.

Anyway, we have the writer, me, the producer, and the editor, me and me, respectively, and the key grip, the best boy (whatever they do) and all of the hundreds of jobs that roll by on the endless credits, for hours, all being filled by me.

The grand production will star the entire world, at least the part of the world that is within easy reach. So, that is ready.

Most importantly we have two new apps ”Movie Maker and Video Editor” for the PC, which earned a phenomenal 3.8 stars with 927 reviews. And Philm for the iPhone, which received a four star rating with 103 reviews.

Here, we should say a word about apps and ratings on various devices. We, here at Life Explained, love apps, we are always in the market for new apps. And we pay attention to the ratings and reviews with a keen, if slightly casual interest. People who write reviews on the Microsoft Store are a lot tougher than on the App Store. Just an observational note. Apps that work well on the Surface sometimes get poor ratings, but would get glowing reviews on the iPhone. Maybe Apple users are just happier, I don’t know. I use both, which explains the inner turmoil and conflict.

So, here we are, getting read to make a movie about the glories of life, the rich diversity of the small universe, the profound, and wonderful beauty, and the striking, captivating ugliness. More than anybody could imagine, less than everybody would hope for.  Filmed with two different cameras, produced with two 4 star apps, (for the sake of convenience we are counting a 3.8 star rating as a 4 star rating, unless we are driven by a sudden spasm of generosity in which case we will assume they are both 5 star ratings) and accompanied by the music of somebody wonderful.

The weekend takes on a new joy. You can thank us later.