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Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Intelligent Life, Maybe, They Know how to Rock.

Recently several members of the Life Explained Department of Theoretical Exploration were attempting to calculate the odds against intelligent life existing elsewhere in the universe.  Of course, this led to the inevitable debate regarding the lack of intelligent life on Earth.  Which, naturally led to some good natured teasing, a few foolish, harmless slurs, a couple of hurtful, intentionally cruel barbs, a slap, then an uppercut, a knife brandished menacingly, several shots fired wildly, and the custodian bursting into the room and threatening to "bust open a few heads unless all you all stop acting like a bunch of idiots."  At that point everyone stopped, went back to their lunches and acted as though they had some sense.

Dr. Dawg, and I decided to answer the question once and for all.  We configured the Time Machine for deep space travel, and took off for the hippest, happening places in the far reaches of the universe.  We came across a few places that looked promising, but after listening to the radio stations playing nothing but top 40 pop, over and over again, we decided to keep looking.

Flying through the Woodstock Nebula we came across a station playing Before You Accuse Me, the blues influenced rock and roll classic from Credence Clearwater Revival.  By the time they hit the bridge, we were dancing and singing, and making fools of ourselves, in the tiny, cramped cockpit of our recently converted spaceship.  We decided to stop, and have a frosty one with the crazy cats on the planets surface.

And they were great.  The music was being blasted from a small tavern on the outskirts of a huge settlement, called One, it was the first city founded on the planet, and the inhabitants thought that was a good way to keep track of things.

The natives in the bar looked almost human, but not quite, they were a little shorter, kind of pale and seemed to be a little nervous, but who could blame them?  They were hosting a space traveling dog, and his freakishly handsome sidekick (me).

So, we came home, and we can answer, there is beer. I am not sure about intelligent life, but, we probably wouldn't recognize it if it borrowed our car.