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Saturday, May 13, 2017

New Glasses, maybe.

I think this is the weekend to shop for new glasses. It puts me in an awkward situation. I have four pair of glasses right now, and I really like them all. A situation that almost guarantees failure today.

The four pair of glasses have different shapes, are different sizes, colors, materials, and I like them all. Shopping for glasses is a terrible burden. I am fussy about glasses. Shapes, colors, size, all have to be right. I have bought glasses before that I didn't really like and it was like a curse putting them on every morning. They just didn't look right.

Size is important, because I wear bifocals, I get the lineless variety so nobody knows, and since I am going on and on about shapes and appearance there is no point in pretending vanity is not an issue.

It reminds me of a time when my oldest son was playing youth soccer, and I was standing with the other dads, trying to fit in. And one of them said. "My dad just got bifocals, he is really having trouble adjusting to them." Rookie, I thought. But, I kind of moved away, we didn't really have that much in common.

But, I will go and look, and maybe even get some new glasses. If I can find the right pair. My wife always thinks I should get two pair, she says I am hard on my glasses. It doubles my problems.

Getting glasses is cool, shopping for glasses is difficult. Adapt and overcome, that's what I say. Not really, whine and worry, that is much closer.  But, if I find some I will post my picture here if not I will post a picture of something else. Any suggestions?

Either way, expect a long, detailed account tomorrow. Sorry, it is just who I am.